Best Computer Courses to Study to Get Jobs Easily


Short-term and long-term computer courses have proliferated because of the increased demand for qualified computer professionals. These programmes enhance your technical expertise and position you for success in the employment market. Some of the leading computer engineering colleges in Maharashtra offer diverse courses in computer science that you can choose from to kick start your career in the industry.

Some of the most in-demand computer courses that can help students advance in their careers are as follows.

Top Computer Courses After 12th Science

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 

Machine learning is a critical component of AI, allowing computers to learn and adapt based  on the data and information they have received in the past. They can then do a variety of  functions without having to be programmed to do so.

Interactive maps, search recommendations, music recommendations, shopping recommendations, facial recognition, voice recognition, and smartphone assistance are all examples of apps that make use of AI and machine learning techniques.

Computer science courses cover a wide range of issues related to artificial intelligence. JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, R, and LISP are just a few examples of programming languages you can study. You can become an AI specialist, a machine learning engineer, or a data scientist after taking AI and machine learning courses.

Instructor-Led Training in Digital Marketing 

Traditional marketing has been replaced by communication platforms and social media. Digital marketing is a part of every job at the organisation. That’s why it’s essential for everyone to  learn the fundamentals of digital marketing. In the age of digital marketing, With the low cost  and high return on investment of certification, it’s a no-brainer. Among the topics covered in  this course are web analytics and affiliate marketing. Digital marketing training can be found  in a variety of formats, including short-term courses.

Python-Based Data Analytics

If a recent prediction is correct, the data will rise 100 times by the year 2030. As a result, there  is a shortage of qualified candidates who can interpret this data, as skills in this area aren’t  growing at the same rate. You will learn how to become a Data Analyst with this course.

Participants will learn statistical concepts such as hypothesis testing, regression analysis, data blending, data extraction and forecasting. The courses are geared for both technically trained and non-technical individuals.

Cyber Security 

This is one of the best computer engineering courses in Nashik if you are interested in making a career in a cutting-edge and futuristic field. Professionals holding a qualification in cyber security can scan the entire network for security holes using network hacking techniques and vulnerability  scanning. They use tools like Wireshark, Tcpdump, and Syslog to monitor the network for  suspicious activity, such as hackers or malware.

Besides that, they also learn how to use passwords, multi-factor authentication, and tokens, both hard and soft, to their advantage. These professionals are in high demand due to growing threats of cyber attacks and the need for a well-structured cyber security network within organisations.

Data Science 

There are many ways in which data science can be applied: obtaining relevant information from a variety of sources, analysing the data, and creating actionable insights. Since data analysis  may help organisations get a competitive advantage in the marketplace, it has become a highly sought-after interdisciplinary profession.

The data science courses in computer science encompass programming languages such as Java, C. C++, Python and R and tools such as MS Excel, MySQL, TensorFlow, Keras and  MongoDB. Statistics, probability, artificial intelligence and machine  learning are just some of the other subjects you can study.

It is possible to work as a data analyst, business analyst, product analyst, or machine learning engineer after taking courses in data science. If you are interested in computer courses after 12th science with a high salary then you can consider pursuing data science.

Computer Programming 

To programme software, code is written in a variety of programming languages and then sent  to computers as appropriate instructions. To create software, one must have a working  knowledge of computer programming.

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Java, C and C++ are just a few of the popular programming languages covered in some of the best computer programming courses. It is possible to learn object-oriented programming and construct dynamic libraries, user interfaces, system programmes, operating systems, online apps, desktop applications and Internet of Things applications.

You can work as a software programmer, software developer, game developer, network engineer, applications analyst, and data scientist after completing a course in software  programming.


Computer engineering is a booming industry and there are many excellent career options you can choose from in this sphere. Firstly, you need to assess your career goals and understand your aptitude and interests. After that you can start shortlisting computer engineering colleges and make the final decision. Many computer engineering colleges in Nashik offer excellent programs with 100% placement assistance so you may want to look into such colleges for a bright career ahead.

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