Current & Future Trends in Beauty Cosmetology

Trends in Beauty Cosmetology

For an enhancing appearance of skin different Cosmetics are used. For many centuries Makeup has been used by men and women across the world. Egyptians are the first known people who used cosmetics to enhance their beauty. Those days Makeup was just a simple coloring of eyes or material used for changing the appearance of the body. Many top cosmetology colleges in Maharashtra offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in beauty cosmetology to train the next generation of cosmetologists.

The Cosmetology Industry Today

Now-a-days makeup plays a vital role for both men and women. According to D & C Act 1940 and the Rule in 1945 “Cosmetic is define as the means any article intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled or sprayed on, or introduced into, or otherwise applied to, the human body or any part thereof for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance, and includes any article intended for use as a component of cosmetic”.

For labeling of cosmetics RULE of the ACT D & C Indian regulatory requirements divided in different parts: part13-import of cosmetics, part14- manufacturing of cosmetics, part 15-labeling, packaging, standard of cosmetics, part15-A-approval of institute for analysis of drug, cosmetics & raw material.

The Labeling declaration include:

  1. i) Name and address of the importer; ii) Generic or common name of the commodity packed; iii) Net quantity in terms of standard unit of weights and measures; iv) Month and year of packing in which the commodity is manufactured or packed or imported; and v) Maximum retail sales price (MRP) at which the commodity in packaged form may be sold to the end consumer.

A Career in Cosmetology

In cosmetology different formulations and evaluation of cosmetics preparations are done. In cosmetology knowledge of different subjects like cosmetic chemistry, quality assurance, product development, skin dermatology, natural and Ayurceutics.

In cosmetic chemistry, organic chemistry of different drug molecules or ingredients mechanism of action and their activity on skin are studied. In B.Sc. last year and M.Sc. we get the knowledge of advanced of cosmetic chemistry; where we study formulation and evaluation of finished formulation.

In quality assurance we study quality aspects like different quality control tests, stability, ISO 9000, and BIS, which is the Bureau of Indian Standards. Study of raw material and evaluation test using different instruments like UV, Brookfield viscometer etc. Many cosmetology courses after 12th are designed to help students understand the development and formulation of reliable and effective cosmetics based on market demands.

Product Development & Dermatology

In product development different formulations are studied like suspension, emulsions, creams, lotions and their preparation method by different methods like wet gum, dry gum etc.

Dermatology focuses on studying, researching, diagnosing and managing the health of the skin, scalp, hair and nails. The beauty industry is a booming place and dermatology plays a huge part in the cosmetics industry, hair care takes up 24% of the market share by revenue, skin care comes in at 23.7%, and cosmetics at 14.6%.

Day by day the application of cosmetics is increasing. Every person knows the importance of their looks and nowadays they maintain them by using a variety of cosmetics products. Hair care has become one of the fastest developing markets in the beauty industry.

Future of the Cosmetics Industry

Recent research has shown that makeup helps in protection from harmful rays of the sun like suntan preparation. Now this is a great achievement because earlier make up and sun protection could not balance together. The Importance of Cosmetics is that it helps to improve our appearance and make us feel more confident. Today different cosmetics in the market are available as per demand by customers, and it plays a great role in our daily life.


As per Terakeet’s beauty industry report, total global beauty industry spending in 2020 was $483 billion, and the annual total is expected to top $716 billion by 2025. This is also considered to be a recession-proof industry that is growing exponentially every year. UG and PG cosmetology programs at some of the best cosmetology colleges in Nashik provide students with the opportunity to gain industry-synced training and placement assistance.

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