How to Overcome the Fear of Mathematics

How to Overcome the Fear of Mathematics


It has been observed that engineering students are generally afraid of the subject Mathematics. They have Maths Phobia. In fact, Maths is very interesting subject. Mathematics is a subject that deals with numbers and logic. It gives us the knowledge of quantity, numbers, space, shape, and change . The concept of mathematics is involved in everything that we do. It is the subject of great fun and enhances our problem-solving skills. Mathematics teaches us different smart ways of solving numerical problems. Students need regular practice for developing a good understanding of this subject. The process of solving different types of mathematical problems is a good exercise for our brain.

When you remove fear or weakness of maths, no one can stop you from scoring excellent marks in this subject. The fear related to Mathematics is called Maths phobia. Fear of mathematics may be created due to the influence of the parents, teachers, classmates and seniors. There are excellent ways to learn the concepts and principles of Mathematics. You will also be able to remember them better and find ways to utilise them while answering fundamental questions.

The psychological symptoms of Mathematics phobia are:

  • Self-doubt on their abilities and being unable to cope with the pressure of performance.
  • Lack of proper dedication and motivation to study Maths
  • Irregular studying schedule
  • Negative self-talk
  • Increase in the heart rate, clammy hands, upset stomach, and lightheadedness.
  • Difficulty in remembering mathematical concepts
  • Relying more on memorizing solutions rather than grabbing the concepts

Steps to Get Over the Fear of Maths:

  • Be positive and encourage yourself to take risks and be an active participant in learning and understanding the subject.
  • Instead of memorizing formulas, understand the derivations and concepts thoroughly.
  • Simplify the learning methods, even complicated problems can be made easy by breaking them down into smaller, simpler steps.
  • Group study to solve math’s problems can be effective ways of reinforcing concepts learned & understand.
  • Try to learn maths with fun .There are so many good resources online, fun activities, and videos, which can help us to develop our logical thinking.
  • Do breathing exercises to calm down your alarmed mind and find how easily you can study this subject.
  • A brilliant way to overcome Maths fear at an early age is to apply the concepts in real life as much as possible.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions is not a sign of weakness. It is a unique way to improve. Whenever a doubt arises, let it pass to the mentor.
  • Be patient with your issues. It is hard to completely learn and master the concepts overnight.


You will definitely succeed in overcoming your fear of Maths. Follow the steps mentioned above, maintain your self-discipline, and increase your concentration levels. Also, try to increase your time span for studying. You will find exceptional development coming your way in this subject.Yourmistakes are the keys for the door of corrections. Do not be shy on them just try to identify and improve them.

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