Mechanical Engineering Scope, Opportunities and Challenges in India

Scope, Opportunities, & Challenges of Mechanical Engineering in India

Introduction & Scope

Mechanical engineering is an evergreen discipline of engineering that has led to numerous advances over time. Mechanical engineering, which is one of the oldest fields of engineering, deals with thermodynamics, fluids, mechanics, industrial engineering, refrigeration and air conditioning, manufacturing, and structural analysis. Every engineer should be capable of learning and up-skilling in order to contribute to a better tomorrow. With automation, robots, and complicated product design, the mechanical engineering area is quickly growing. Today there are many  career opportunities in mechanical engineering that can be open to you with the right qualifications and training.

The basic and important characteristics in this sector are safety-focused, meticulous, and a keen eye for detail. Mechanical Engineering studies offer students with the necessary skill sets for developing complex structures and machines in the workplace. Mathematical expertise aids them in product formulation and analysis. They are prepared for the profession because they have decision-making skills, communication skills, and essential mechanical abilities. B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering is a fantastic program you can pursue for a bright career in the field.

Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers

This evergreen field of engineering is confronting an uncomfortable question: if it is still the ideal path for students who are interested in machines. People have begun to question their decision to pursue a career in mechanical engineering due to a lack of employment offers or placement chances for a large percentage of graduates.

However, being a fundamental subject of engineering, it provides employment in a wide range of sectors and is hence a popular choice for aspiring engineers. Students who get a Bachelor of Technology in mechanical engineering can find work in practically every manufacturing business, including car, aerospace, railway coach factory, chemical manufacturing plants, metal generating plants, and so on.

Apart from the commercial sector, mechanical engineers can find work with government organisations such as BHEL, SAIL, GAIL, Indian Railways, and Electricity Boards. Automobiles, aircrafts, turbines, robots, agricultural gear, and other forms of mechanical engineering technology are common. As a result, for a better understanding, industries and sector career prospects are expanded in the section below.

Design & Production: Mechanical engineers would be in charge of creating technical drawings using tools or computers. Any mechanical engineer who is skilled with drawings or computer-aided drawing would be perfect for this post. The duty of a production worker often entails consultation and supervision in the manufacture of machines and their components.

Robotics & Mechatronics: Robotic process automation, as well as robotics itself, are thriving new trends. Almost every sector is seeking for automation solutions to improve productivity and reduce operating costs. The execution, on the other hand, needs the supervision and efforts of qualified mechanical engineers. Whether it is the design and production of a new robotics system or the installation of process automation for inventory management, mechanical engineers will always have a role to play in robotics and mechatronics.

Automobile Manufacturing: The car business, one of the fastest expanding industries, provides mechanical engineers with a multitude of options. From design through production and even maintenance, several of the world’s leading automakers have begun to invest in the recruitment of fresh talent for research and development of transportation systems such as autonomous vehicles, bullet trains, and pod-based transportation systems.

Aerospace Industry: When it comes to creativity and advancements, the aircraft business is not far behind. From inventing flying automobiles to reusable satellites and rockets, the aerospace industry is not far behind. With technical advances, the aerospace industry’s reach is continually growing, as is the demand for competent mechanical engineers with practical expertise. Mechanical engineers can choose from a wide range of work opportunities in the business, including design, production, testing, and the coveted R&D.

Scientific Research & Development Services: One of the most intriguing employment responsibilities in mechanical engineering is scientific research. Aspirants doing research and applying results for the development of new goods employing cutting-edge technology.

Analysis & Testing: The analysis and testing of machine parts, systems, and equipment. The term role refers to the detection of flaws that may have occurred during the production or design processes.

Machinery Manufacturing, Installation & Maintenance: The work entails knowledge of production, installation of machine parts in an industrial setting, and correct maintenance in accordance with the requirements specified.

Mechanical Engineering is Expected to Grow by 2025

There were 4 Lac mechanical engineers working in various businesses in 2018, with the number predicted to expand by 30% (roughly) by 2025. As a result of mechanical engineering’s rising importance, the future of mechanical engineers looks bright. In fact, the influx of electric vehicles in the next few years will have no effect on the scope of mechanical engineering because this discipline is not restricted to the automobile industry. Robotic engineering is presently a branch of mechanical engineering that is rapidly expanding. Mechanical engineering was, continues to be, and will always be the main stream of engineering. Many mechanical engineering colleges in Maharashtra offer industry-synced programs to help students gain exposure to latest trends and technologies in the field.

Bridging the Skill Gap & Preparing for the Challenges

One of the greatest issues confronting freshly graduated students today is a lack of skills and adequate knowledge as a result of the old school curriculum’s continued existence even after the arrival of various new trends and technologies. Bridging the skill gap is essential for landing a decent job. It is certain that the demand for mechanical engineers will soon outstrip the supply, reestablishing mechanical engineering as one of the most valuable engineering fields.

Some leading mechanical engineering colleges in Nashik are offering diverse programs in the field, where the course curriculum is designed in collaboration with industry partners to provide students with an industry-synced education. Such colleges also offer 100% placement assistance to help students make the right start to their career. You can conduct some research and find a college that meets your career goals and aspirations. Good luck!

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