Value Education: Need of the Hour

Value Education: Need of the Hour

Humans are social beings so they need to focus on developing an egalitarian society where all can co-exist harmoniously. Education goes beyond what is written in books. It goes far beyond that. A child’s overall growth is important in today’s culture. Because of this, parents emphasise extracurricular activities and place a great value on education. Moral values seem to be in danger of dying out in the modern world.

Moral values seem to be in danger of dying out in the modern world. Value education is the best cure for this. These young individuals have the knowledge necessary to improve humanity. Education is a potent tool that has the potential to change the world. Both intellectual and moral education are included in instruction in this framework. Just as important as intellectual education is moral education.

Can a billionaire be the happiest person on Earth? Money can buy luxuries and momentary pleasures but it cannot always guarantee mental peace due to various factors that affect a person. We do need money for survival so earning money is important but at the same time one needs to also give attention towards social responsibilities, environmental problems, political surroundings along with personal relationships.

Why is there so much of chaos in this world though it is progressing at a greater pace? National Education Policy (NEP_2020) has found out certain factors that are affecting the youth and has introduced certain courses in education system which can help the youth to think about living a balanced life.

Some people felt such courses are waste of time but these courses or teachings for sure will help them to become a responsible and an accountable person. When a student completes his/her studies and goes in the outside world, it is then where his integrity, honesty, moral values will help him to take the right decision and live a balanced life. Even though he/she scores 90% in his marksheet but if he/she in unable to be a good human then this will for sure add problems in the world. It becomes difficult to leave certain bad habits later once one gets addicted to them. Humans need moral support along with love, care and concern.

Though there is tremendous development in the field of science and technology still we find the youth being depressed, frustrated and is going through emotional traumas and physical suffering due to the impact of repercussions of the anthropocentric activities.

Here comes value education which will help the youth to understand the meaning and purpose of being on earth for a limited span of time. Here he needs to understand the importance of God’s creation, value of his parents, grandparents and different relationships.

He/ She equally needs to value his/her own self by maintaining personal hygiene and keeping his surroundings clean and worth living. Instead of destructive motives and having unhealthy perspectives he/she will should become inspired to find ways of being constructive in the world. His/her loving nature towards animals, environment and humans will undoubtedly add value to his aura.

Peaceful and contentment souls always strive hard to see that others don’t t suffer because of his/her actions in the world. It all depends on how and what kind of company he/she keeps. Causing disputes, wars, bomb-blasts, jealousy, hatred never could solve problems but have always added more sufferings caused by a set of uncultured uncivilised Inhumans to other civilised humans.

Such people need counselling which will help them to live a better life on earth. If values are imbibed since childhood, then that child will value air, water, food and everything that he / she is blessed with from nature and the humans as well. Gradually will learn to appreciate others’ work, motivate and inspire humans to take up a path of happiness and peace while we earn our living.


Value education is crucial because it not only helps people improve as people but also aids in the growth of a more just, tolerant, and peaceful community. Value education is unquestionably necessary in a world that faces many difficulties, such as moral quandaries, environmental problems, and social disputes.

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