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Electrical engineering courses in Nashik

Just Imagine a day without electronic gadgets, it’s almost impossible nowadays to live without using electronic gadgets. Electronics and telecommunication engineers are responsible for designing, innovating, and creating electrical devices that help us communicate through diverse mediums. B.Tech in Electrical Engineering is an excellent undergraduate program that you can pursue to launch your career in the field of electronics and telecommunication.

We found ourselves surrounded by various electronic gadgets like Laptop, TVs, Mobile phones, Tablets, Microwave oven, home automations and so on, which clearly shows the importance of Electronics & Communications Engineering in the technological advancements coming up every day.

Covid-19 crisis resulted in the shortage of semiconductor material worldwide. Many industries were suffering because of non-availability of semiconductor material, as most of the world depends on China for this. To reduce the dependency on China, recently the Government of India has taken a great decision and approved a $10 billion incentive plan to establish chip and display industries in the country as it seeks to become an electronic manufacturing centre.

The government anticipates attracting investments of $1.7 trillion for more than 20 units. This manufacturing base in India will surely add a workforce of 85,000 semiconductor engineers, to help overcome the chip shortage. This engine of growth will generate multiple investments in the electronic supply chain. Many electrical engineering colleges in Nashik have collaborated with industry experts to create industry-synced curriculums and training modules that make students job-ready.

Electronics and communication engineers can choose to work in Aviation, Consumer electronics, Power plant, Communication & telecommunication manufacturing, radio & television, transportation, computer application, diagnostic equipment manufacturing, offshore companies, precision agriculture and many fields.

There are opportunities in the latest technologies like Industrial Automation, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Autonomous drone applications, Image processing, smart energy systems etc. Electrical engineering courses in Nashik are bridging the gap between industry and academia to ensure that Indian engineers are ready for the global electrical engineering industry.

Electronics is becoming a lucrative course, leading to great demand for skilled and competent engineers.Electronics engineers occupy an approximate of about 150,000 job opportunities in India. The market of jobs for EC Engineers will continue to grow at a pace of 7% per year. The career opportunities are more than one could ever think of in both top multinational companies and public sector units and have amazing higher studies opportunities.

B.Tech in Electronics Engineering is a 4-year undergraduate degree course. In this course students learn the fundamental courses first like physics, Maths and Chemistry and then the students deal with core knowledge of the field and its application which involves Analog and Digital communication, Microprocessors and Microcontroller, Satellite communication, VLSI and VHDL, Electronic Devices and circuits and its design. Electives are also included which fulfils the industry requirements like artificial intelligence and machine learning, cyber security, embedded systems, Internet of Things, Digital image Processing, Robotics and many crucial areas are covered.


With the evolution of new technologies, electronics engineers get new opportunities & so the Electronics & Telecommunication branch is considered as “Evergreen”. In addition, the  “Make in India ” campaign was started by the Indian government to increase job opportunities in multiple fields including electronics and telecommunication. So, sky’s the limit for those who are passionate about electronics and communication engineering. Good luck!

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